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Residential Aged Care Support

Supporting Aged Care Workforce and Resident Care

The HealthAccess Aged Care Service (HACS) is available to residential aged care facilities across Australia. 

We support your staff, your regular GPs and residents to minimise preventable illness, unnecessary transfers and avoidable hospitalisations whenever your regular GP is not available - 24/7, 365 days per year! 


The model has been designed to support communities and GP needs to fill in the gaps, improving local service accessibility to residents within the facilities. This approach has underpinned the significant success of the RGPS in building community confidence and driving practitioner support.


HACS work with residents and staff provide:

  • GPs with experience working in the local communities, with your staff assisting residents with telephone and video consultation via tablet or laptop;

  • Seamless continuity of care:

    • consultation and clinical records transferred automatically to your residents’ regular GPs;

    • coordinating with your regular pharmacy through e-prescribing or other appropriate means as negotiated;

  • Ease and peace of mind - appropriate technology and protocols to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service. 

  • Quality improvement, training and up-skilling - we train and regularly update nursing and support staff on facilitating telehealth consultations with the latest technology, incorporating the latest operational and clinical learnings.

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