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Hospital and Emergency
Telehealth Support

Supporting Medical Workforce and Patient Care

HealthAccess was designed to provide both in-hours and after-hours medical support to patients and relief to on-site GP/VMO workforce (if available) in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote communities 24/7, 365 days per year. 


The service is supplementary and complementary to on-site GP workforce, not a replacement service. 


We offer a robust, scalable solution providing medical support for: 


  • Low acuity patients presenting to the ED in Hospital/MPS facilities 

  • Inpatient management via virtual ward rounds (VWR) 

  • GP type presentations originating from the community via the integrated Healthdirect pathway 

  • Virtual GP Clinics (eg Hospital Virtual GP Clinic) 


We deliver:

  • Support to attract, recruit and retain rural GP/VMO workforce by providing a more sustainable, more appropriate, quality, alternative pathway to manage low acuity ED presentations. 

  • Support to EDs where local GP/VMO workforce isn’t available to manage low acuity ED presentations.

  • A proven reduction in avoidable hospitalisations, by working with nursing and health teams improving patient health outcomes and saving millions of dollars.

  • Proven reductions in unnecessary patient transfers saving millions of dollars for health services.

  • Appropriate technology and protocols to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service. 

  • Patient and clinician safety and quality.