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Hospital and Emergency Telehealth Support

Supporting Medical Workforce and Patient Care

HealthAccess provides an end-to-end, fully managed, virtual GP/VMO solution for LHDs, Health Networks and MPS Aged Care services. We work with health services to align with local operational needs. Services can be implemented individually or across multiple facilities. Services include, but are not limited to:


We offer a robust, scalable solution providing medical support for: 


  • Coverage of ED presentations (T2, T3,T4,T5) via video and telephone

  • Virtual Remote Admissions

  • Virtual Ward Rounds in the absence of a local GP/VMO (Video Consultations Via Pexip)

  • Virtual Death Certificates

  • Virtual Discharge

  • Coverage for inpatients who may deteriorate during unsociable hours


We deliver:

  • Support to recruit and retain rural GP/VMO workforce by providing sustainable, appropriate and quality pathways to manage low acuity ED presentations.

  • Accredited and resident Australian GP/VMOs with local knowledge and understanding of patient needs.

  • Support to EDs where local GP/VMO workforce isn’t available (short and long term) to manage low acuity ED presentations.

  • Proven reductions in unnecessary patient transfers to referral hospitals.

  • Improved management of workforce fatigue and resources.

  • Appropriate technology and protocols to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.

  • Highly secure, industry-standard technology to guarantee patient confidentiality.

  • Patient and clinician safety and quality.

For further details or to view the full prospectus, click here.

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