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Why Partner with HealthAccess?

In-Hours, After-Hour - The Hours You Need

We are sometimes asked by our clients why outsource when the technology to support video or phone calls with patients is commonly available.

There are a number of reasons why outsourcing benefits you and your clients:

Qualified Doctors - we take care of recruitment of qualified doctors and accreditation making sure the roster is covered at all times, reducing administrative hassle and the risk of using doctors that are not equipped to deliver services via Telehealth.

Local - we only use Australian qualified and resident doctors to deliver services.  In designing services we work to maximise involvement of local clinicians to ensure that revenue stays in the local community and to increase clinician satisfaction and support for new models of care.

Flexibility - we manage rosters with capacity to upscale as required. For example, during the 2019 Bushfires HealthAccess was asked to cover health and hospital services across multiple locations at very short notice.  Our established rosters of expert doctors meant that we were able to meet this request immediately.  During COVID we scaled up to deliver Telehealth to an additional 25,000 patients in a week.

Infrastructure - we maintain up to date infrastructure, security and services reducing your infrastructure and equipment management and costs.

Accreditation - we maintain compliance with RACGP, ACCRM and relevant requirements to ensure your services meet the high quality standards your patients and clients expect.

Cost-effective - research shows that Hospital based medical officers order significantly more pathology, MRI, CAT scans and diagnostic tests, and are more likely to admit patients, compared to specialist GPs. Our GPs can help ensure your patients get the right treatment based on their needs.

Integrated approach - we bring local GPs, pharmacists and health services along with us to create an integrated model of care.  This reduces the repetitional cost of community opposition to new models of care, increases continuity of care through electronic transfer of records and scripts, and ensures the right care, at the right time and the right place.

Corporate social responsibility

Knowing your are supporting vulnerable communities  - HealthAccess is a social enterprise of RARMS, an Australian registered charity.  You will know that you are supporting the provision of critical care to vulnerable remote and Indigenous communities.

Medicare - where appropriate, we can charge service to Medicare reducing the costs for hospitals, aged care facilities, NDIS providers in delivering care to your clients.

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